The name KOOH alludes to a political coup, used in reference to pulling off large scale curatorial projects independently with limited means. It also connotes cooing as pertaining to the affection demonstrated among doves or pigeons and used as a euphemism concerning people being affectionate with one another.

KOOH is a non profit curatorial team comprised of Suzan Batu and Bill Doherty and rotating personnel on a location specific basis. KOOH has been in action since FASHIONED, NY - 1998.
The next presentation of Kuf-Mold was in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey. It was also a parallel show to the Istanbul Biennial.
Gent, Belgium was where the second leg of the show took place in the fall of 2008. Kuf/Mold Gent came to fruition with the participation of Marijke Bontinck, Erwin Keustermans and Ivo van den Baar, Galerij Jan Colle and de Centrale.

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