What is Küf- Mold?

Küf/Mold is a traveling exhibition inclusive of virtually all disciplines of art. It is an initiative of the curatorial team, KOOH, which consists of Suzan Batu (Istanbul, New York) and Bill Doherty (the United States).
As participants and supporting organizers Ivo van den Baar and Nicole Driessens (WANDSCHAPPEN) have been involved in the previous editions of Küf/Mold. As a co-curator they will produce the Rotterdam edition.

Küf is the Turkish word for mold, as in biological mold. The definition relating to the title also pertains to a mold used in the process of fabrication, hence determining the realm of the show as one that is organic and creative.

Migrant traders as well as artists settle down in exhausted, dilapidated areas of western cities. The ”mold”of these areas, is a great attraction to these groups of individuals because these neighborhoods consist of cheap, empty houses and factories in which people can reinvent their lives and develope new businesses. Each of these two groups are often among the first people that see the possibilities and take the risk due to their nomadic way of life. In most cases this means the positive redevelopment and revitalization of a neighborhood.

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